How to Develop a Brand: Killer Tips for Developing (And Marketing) an Unforgettable Label


How to Develop a Brand: Killer Tips for Developing (And Marketing) an Unforgettable Label

What if your most innovative marketing strategies were completely derivative?

Most businesses try to succeed by setting their label apart from the competition. However, without knowing it, many of these businesses end up copying the same strategies that their competition uses.

Want to use some truly original brand development? Keep reading to discover these killer tips that your competitors may not even know about!

Make It Unique

Our first piece of advice sounds easy but is deceptively difficult: you need to embrace every opportunity to create a unique product.

For example, consider the packaging that your product is in. Could people identify your product by only the shape or the color?

Your product likely started when you went to develop a brand name. However, the design of the product and the packaging goes a long way towards creating a truly unique brand identity.

Persona Power

You may think you know who your customers are. However, if you aren’t using buyer personas, then you are missing out on some important info and opportunities.

Personas go beyond simple things like demographic information. They are meant to create a fully-realized member of your audience, right down to their likes, dislikes, and daily behavior.

Having a better idea of who your customers are helps you tailor a brand to those people. And collecting analytics over time will let you know if your demographic has shifted, which means you’ll need new personas.

Back to the Mission

Sometimes employees and even CEOs dismiss the importance of a mission statement. However, the mission statement is the glue that helps to hold your entire business together.

Creating a good statement starts by getting philosophical. You need to answer a central question about your company: why does it exist in the first place?

If you can provide an answer that is short, unique, and provocative, then you have a good mission statement. Conversely, if even you can’t figure out why your company is around, how are you expecting your customers to do so?

A Nice Personality

When you think about your company’s personality, you’re probably thinking about employees. And it’s true that those who are the “face” of your company should have open and engaging personalities.

However, modern consumers expect modern brands to have a personality of their own. Just look at the way that online users react to things like the humorous social media content from Wendy’s!

That doesn’t mean a brand personality must be funny. However, developing your brand means crafting a personality that is anything but boring in the eyes of your consumers.

Perception Audit

“Audit” may sound like a pretty scary term. However, it’s vitally important that your brand has both an internal and external perception audit.

This is because your company’s value (more on this in a minute) is not an objective thing. Much like beauty, it’s all in the “eye of the beholder”–in this case, the eyes of your customers.

Basically, the audit gives you the honest customer reaction of your brand. Once you have this, you can compare it to the brand identity laid out in your mission statement.

If there are any gaps between how you want to be perceived and how you actually are perceived, you need to focus on closing those gaps over the next twelve months.

Logo and Tagline

At first, it may seem like your company logo and tagline are unimportant. However, these are actually the two most important things when it comes to how to develop a brand.

If we say “Nike,” there are two things that instantly pop into your mind: their iconic “swoosh” logo and their simple tagline “Just do it.” Even if you don’t buy their shoes or know about specific commercials, you know these aspects of their brand identity.

What makes for a good logo and tagline, then? Ideally, these will reflect both the mission statement and function of your company.

The “swoosh,” for instance, makes us think of speed. It also looks like a checkmark, giving us a symbolic “mission accomplished.”

And “just do it” is both a customer motivation and a mission statement to dive headfirst into challenges. Make sure your own logo and tagline make for an accurate reflection!

Social Presence

Earlier, we mentioned the Wendy’s Twitter account. The success of their brand highlights how important it is for companies to have a social media presence that allows true customer engagement.

However, it takes a lot of time and resources to create all new content for social media. Ideally, you should create much of your initial branding language with social media in mind.

For example, is your mission statement short enough to be a hashtag? By developing your brand with social media in mind, you can save yourself a lot of time while also reaching a wider potential audience.

True Value

Want to hear the kiss of death for a brand? It’s this: when a customer hears about your product and asks “yeah, but what do they do?”

It’s important for you and your employees to understand your value proposition. What do you do well? More importantly, what do you do that your competitors do not?

A simple formula for such a statement is “XYZ.” X represents your core demographic, Y represents what they are trying to do, and Z represents how you will help them do it.

If your simplified value proposition looks exactly like a competitor’s, you may need to rethink what makes your company unique. And if you don’t know what your customers are trying to accomplish, you need to figure this out to create a more tailored product and customer experience.

Brand Development: The Bottom Line

Now you know a bit more about brand development. But do you know which company can help you to truly stand out to your customers?

Like we said before, a large part of standing out is simply looking unique. When it comes to your product, that means having unique packaging.

At Edge 2 Edge Packaging, we will create a completely original look for your product. To see how we can transform your business, reach out and contact us today!