Our Process



We have stand-alone internal processes or highly collaborative processes. Our process is customized to you – just like your packaging.


Where does your brand stand against your competition and how do we build around that?

Do you know what items marketing is looking for, no matter how vague, and you still need to execute?

How do we execute pre-pro samples?

What does the timeline look like?

How do we present our initial offering?

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Do you need samples at each benchmark?

How do we monitor quality control?

How many layers of quality control do you need?

How has our QC prevented future issues?

At which steps do you want to view each layer of QC?

packaging design companies


How do we stay current with our trackers and shipments?

How often do you want to stay current on your shipped items?

Do you require knowledge of exact boat/flight/truck location (yes we’re talking latitude & longitude)?

How do we deliver from door to door?


Do we spot check store-to-store feedback?

How do we gauge which stores and when?

How can we handle a 5,000 store retailer spot check for quality and consistency?

Our collaboration with your team assures your branding and packaging goals are met. Let’s have a conversation…